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What is the point of using Lello wraps and bags?

Wraps are used to wrap and cover food which reduces the use of plastic, especially single use plastic.

What are Lello wraps and bags made from?

Wraps are made from 100% cotton which is infused with a combination of wax, resin and oil. Most of our wraps are made using our local beeswax, and we also have a vegan option using soy wax.

How do Lello wraps work?

Simply wrap up the food, and seal the edges using the warmth of your hand. We have one wrap in each pack with a button which holds the packed item extra securely.

The bags have a pouch which you slip your food into, you then close the flap using the heat of your hands to seal the bag.

Are the Lello Wraps and Bags re-usable?

Yes, many times..

How long will the Lello Wraps and Bags last?

The products should  last a minimum of 6 months,and maybe more if properly looked after. 

Are they biodegradable?

The ingredients are all natural and will degrade fully after some time. When you have finished with them put them in your compost bin.

How do I clean the wraps and bags?

Simply wipe the wraps after use with a cold mild soapy solution, and leave flat to dry.

Put your bags into a cold soapy solution, and wipe off any excess foodstuff. Lift the flap and open and hang them upside down to dry. 

How do I store the wraps?

When completely dry, store flat, or roll them up. 

Are there any no no’s regarding the care of Lello Wraps and Bags?

Keep them away from heat and sunlight.They are not machine washable, and cannot go in a dishwasher or microwave.

Do they keep products fresh?

Yes, the wax and natural oils keep products fresher for longer. 

What sizes do you offer in the Lello Bags and wraps?

Lello Wraps

Pack of 3 wraps : 1 x 33 x 33 cms, 1 x 33 x 16 cms, 1 x 16 x 16 cms

Pack of 2 wraps : 2 x 33 x 33 cms

Lello Bags

small 10 x 15 cms

medium 14.5 x 18 cms

large 19 x 21.5 cms

Can we have other sizes or pack combinations, eg. singles?

We can offer different size and pack options, but this would be subject to minimum volumes and prices.

Do prices include delivery charges?

No, delivery charges are for the customer’s account. On receipt of orders we will confirm the amount which will be added to the invoice for payment prior to shipping.

How do we pay for the wraps?

How do you package your products and are they plastic free?

Yes, we use paper and cardboard, never plastic. If a customer wants the products sealed, we will supply them in corn starch bags at an additional cost. 


What do we use these covers for?

Lello elasticated covers are purely decorative to cover and protect food. They are fully washable.

Do they have any benefits to food?

Not to food, but they do benefit the  the universe, as they offer another alternative to single use plastic.

What sizes do you offer?

Covers bowls/platters in the following sizes:

15 – 22 cms

22 – 26 cms

26 – 33 cms

33 – 36 cms

36 – 45 cms

Are they re-usable and washable?

Yes, they can be hand washed and machine washed

What fabrics do you use?

All natural fibres so they are bio-degradeable. We use a linen, linen cotton blend and a cotton.